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Translation in a specific area of knowledge: technical, law, finance, economy, marketing, medicine, etc.

Professional translators, native speakers, high-quality translations, powerful and catchy copy, maximum audience reach — these are your benefits you get by outsourcing your translation tasks to our company.
The process may also include quality assurance:
- Spellchecking
- Checking grammar
- Following your target language’s typography conventions
- Ensuring terminology consistency
- Elimination of inappropriate translations (changing the meaning of the source text)
- Ensuring your company’s key terminology is present in the final target copy


Website and software translation are a must for any organization wishing to expand their market and reach foreign clients.

The international success of a website or an application depends on the quality of its translations.

This service usually implies the following:
- full translation with cultural nuances in mind
- translation and/or replacement of images and videos
- multilingual SEO, keywords localization
- re-design (if needed) due to text expansion, using new/changed graphics and/or added information
- post-translation test performed to check URLs, translated strings and source code integrity


Don’t forget about the last steps of preparing your texts, word by word review, ensuring the flawless copy.

The proofreading process usually implies:
- Spellchecking for misspellings, incorrect punctuation, textual and numerical inconsistencies
- Checking grammar
- Following your target language’s typography conventions

The editing process usually implies:
- Checking sentences construction and language clarity
- Ensuring terminology consistency
- Elimination of inappropriate translations (distorting the meaning of the source text)
- Ensuring your company’s key terminology is present in the final target copy


Desktop publishing translation includes creation of an eye-catching layout so that your design could be appealing in every language.

We will help you to combine perfect words with perfect layout, select a visually rich print for your digital documents.

This desktop publishing process usually implies:
- Translation
- Files’ adaptation for multiple languages
- Solving text expansion/contraction problems
- Choosing appropriate fonts
- Layout adaptation
- Graphics' adaptation


Improve the style, flow and tone of voice of your content so it has maximum impact on your readers.

Get the compelling marketing, brand or promotional copy based on your brief.

Writing a copy for a new market is particular important for advertising, marketing and publishing materials meant for attracting new clients, getting their attention, presenting your product or service and being able to perfectly communicate with your audience in a natural way.


Translate your multimedia materials into your audience’s native language preserving the tone, pace and style of your original narration.

This service usually includes tracking, translation and adaptation, simulation correction and editing. We also create open or closed captions to let your viewer control the viewing options.


  • Supplier Relations Coordinator
    Our company has been working with Natalya Zelikova and ZeFraza since 2005. Natalya has carried out translation and proofreading projects for us within the following language pairs English, German and French into Russian and Ukrainian. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and look forward to continue this in the future.
    Supplier Relations Coordinator
    World's leading platform for language and content services, Denmark
  • Owner
    I warmly recommend ZeFraza for their precise and excellent job. They are quick to answer and deliver translations and they are a kind of company people can trust.
    Translation company, France
  • Localisation Team Leader
    I've been working with ZeFraza for over two years and they have always been very professional, highly organized, detail oriented, and responsive. They have a clear understanding of localization issues and consistently delivers an outstanding product. For me it's a pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend her.
    Localisation Team Leader
    Leading European betting and gaming company, UK